The Love Again Initiative

The Love Again Initiative was created to bring an awareness to mental health and the importance of self care/self love. With educating and providing resources to the community, we can shed light on mental illnesses and break the stigma on mental health that affects so many lives and families. Through this initiative, I want to coordinate programs/events that is geared towards mental health, provide individuals/families with incentives for making their mental health a priority, make the Love Again Vlog series more effective and reach a larger audience, and inspire others in song, "Clap for Me", a song about self love. Any donation to this initiative is greatly appreciated

I'm very passionate about mental health because I know all too well how it affects individuals and families. I simply want to dispell some of the stigmas behind mental illnesses and create a healthy dialogue about the importance of mental health from a holistic approach. You can help me by simply donating to the cause or booking Kimberly Gunn Music for your next upcoming event. Click on the link. Any donation to this initiative is greatly appreciated.

The Love Again Initiative: