"Christmas Presents"

For days, I've been compelled to write something about my upcoming holiday single entitled, "Christmas Presents"; its conception and how it came about, etc."  Each time I would write, however, I just couldn't find the adequate words to describe the purpose in writing the song.  That's until today.  As I was scrolling through my timeline, I came across a post.  When I read it I was like, "That's it!" It was everything I wanted to say and it confirmed everything I wanted convey in the message of "Christmas Presents".  Before I share the song's conception, I want to include this excerpt of message that was posted by my friend, Melissa Polite. 

"So I was driving from work this morning listening to "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" and I never really paid attention to the lyrics...but in the song it speaks about repentance, accepting Jesus as your Savior, and that He is a healer. Well it got my mind going about how much we go through the emotions every year concerning Christmas. We sing the festive songs, shop & decorate, cook ect.  But how can some of us believe in Jesus being born but not believe why He was born, [His cruxcifixion], and resurrection from death? We sing these songs but do we believe what we sing? We say these clichés, but are we living the life He leads? We shop, shop , shop but do we realize what CHRISTmas is really about?

The world has commercialized everything so much that there is no longer any simplicity nor any substance. Everything concerning the things of God has become shallow, callous, and meaningless to people. At one point this time of year, it was special, it meant peace, love, and unity.  It has now become artificial. We have gotten soo far away from the truth that its ridiculous. We have gotten greedy and selfish as a nation. Let's get back to basics."

How profound is this statement?  It's truly time to get back to the basics and put CHRIST back into Christmas.  This statement alone is how I came up with the concept of "Christmas Presents".

When writing this song (thank you to Margo Valencia for the idea), I started reflecting on my childhood experiences during this time of year.  It was somewhat jovial.  It was the time of year in which we wrote out our Christmas lists, ensured we were on our best behavior because we wanted "Santa" to give us our desired gifs, put up our Christmas lights and Christmas tree, and my brother and I rehearsed and recited our Christmas parts and songs for the annual play.  On Christmas day,  my brother and I would wake, open our Christmas presents, and then my parents took us to church for the annual Christmas service.  So Christmas was one of my favorite times of the year because it was one of the many memories I have of my family being together.

The music...oh the music!  There were certain songs that I absolutely loved to hear.  When they play on the radio, you knew that Christmas was official.  Songs like Silent Night by the Temptations, This Christmas by Donny Hathaway, Merry Christmas Baby, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, etc. we heard or played throughout the day.  These memories and elements is what makes "Christmas Presents" so special to me.

"Christmas Presents" has that smooth, contemporary, yet retro soul sound that will appeal to various people of all ages from all facets of life. I wanted something that was upbeat to describe this time of year.  It's sound will literally make you want to dance, rock side to side, or snap your fingers to say the least. The title of the song is a play on words- Presents vs. Presence. It's message is thought provoking.  I wanted to convey that after we open our presents and after the family get-Ttogethers, the true gift of Christmas is when the Father gave His Son to the world.  It describes the attributes of Jesus.  "He is...my love, He is...my joy. He is the light, the love, the peace.  He reigns forevermore.  He is Emmanuel, Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Prince of Peace, Holy One, that's what you are to me."  The greatest gift we can receive is to open our hearts to receive the presence of God. 

There's a saying that says, "We want His presence more than the presents."  It is so true.  While giving and receiving presents are great, it's only temporal.  Next year, there will be a new Christmas list.  But the presence of God is eternal.  It's something that never changes.  But as we continue to enter into His presence, we are forever changed. One of my favorite parts of the song says, "The gift of a King, who came to redeem, me from all the mistakes I've made, and on this holiday, the greatest gift I need, is to open my heart, and receive, Your presence."

I want to encourage you this holiday season to remember Christ in Christmas.  It is my prayer that when you listen to Christmas Presents, it will give you a new or greater appreciation of who Jesus is and compel you to worship Him.  Even if this time of year is extremely difficult for you. If you've experienced death during this time of year, a beloved family member or friend is gone, receive a bad diagnosis from doctor, having financial difficulty, or finding it hard to forgive someone, etc. the presence of God is awaiting you.  For everything you need is in the presence of God.  It is the greatest present to receive.

Pre-order your copy of "Christmas Presents" today.  Bless someone with it.  It is a great gift to give or receive.