Gat3 Studios Charlotte, N.C.:Pre-Recording

It's the day before my recording and I am excited!!! I have been waiting for this opportunity for a while and it is now finally here!!!. I've been working with my friend and producer, David Burgest in Charlotte, NC, for about a year now. The connection we have musically is great. There is nothing like working with someone who is a believer of Christ, believes in the gift of the artist, and seeks to produce a sound that will change and empower lives of God's people. The experience and the working relationship have been grandeur!

Since the beginning of this process, God have had his hand upon this project and have granted us (David and I) favor. We are blessed to record most of the songs on this project in a professional studio in the Grammy Award winning Gat3 Studios in Charlotte, N.C. We are working with a live band. I have some of the best "sangers" in Savannah, Ga backing me up on this project. So it's already blessed!!!

It's my third time going ino the studio. Each time I've been in the studio, it's been a learning experience. Each producer has a style of music they cater too best (regardless of what they tell you). This works well for me because I like to sing all styles of music. So on this project, there will be a diverse sound because I have worked with several producers. There will be a mixture of traditional, praise and worship, neo-gospel, and spoken word. From the youngest to the oldest people will enjoy it.

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