Put It In His Hands!

Be encouraged today...Over the past couple of days I've spoken to several people who are going through different things from finances, ministry-related problems, to relationship problems; looking at their situation/resources and based upon what's in their hands becoming discouraged about it. I, too have been struggling to some degree. But yesterday in prayer God reminded me that my resources don't override Him as being the Source. In Matthew 14:13-21, after a long day of ministry and performing miracles, Jesus' disciples were ready to send the multitudes away because in their hands, they saw ONLY two fish and five loaves of bread. But after Jesus instructed them to put it in His hands, He blessed it, broke it, and distributed it and the Bible says that the multitudes ate and were satisfied AND they had leftovers! Be encouraged in knowing that if you are a disciple of Christ and you are occupying the Kingdom until He returns that though your resources in your hands are minimum, when you put it in God's hands He will make it a miracle! And not only will you eat, not only will you be satisfied, but you will have abundance (leftovers)! Declare that! Don't allow your situation be it ministry related, finances, health, or relational, etc. to tell you otherwise. Trust God with your situation/resources. Put it in His hands knowing that He is the Source. Jesus will turn your minimal into a miracle!