Writing has always been a means of therapy for me. Growing up in a small secluded area in the deep south, there wasn't many things I could get into. My parents religiously went to church for what seemed to be all day. If the church doors were opened (and they usually had a key) we were there. During the weekdays we went to school, came home and went to church. On the weekends, it was just church. I didn't go to many parties or hangout spots and I didn’t have many friends. So communication was a struggle for me; I kept everything bottled up inside. But I was in the church choir and I LOVED to sing. I jumped at every opportunity to sing. So I found myself singing and writing often. It was the only way I could remain sane from the things I faced on a daily basis. Writing and singing became my best friends. It was the only outlet I had. To this day, it is the thing that I would do three o’clock in the morning without pay. It is my passion... 

As I reflect back on my childhood, I am reminded of the story of David. David grew up in his father's pasture tending to his father's sheep. That's all he did. Feed the sheep, take care of the sheep, protect the sheep. It's amazing, those same lessons he learned in his father's pasture help prepare him for his position later in life as king. David became one of the most prominent and memorable rulers of all time. He wrote almost half of the book of Psalms, a collection of poems, prayers, hymns etc. comprised together with music. This book along with the Song of Solomon does a wonderful job of capturing every emotion of humanity in its book. 

One of the assignments I believe God has called me to fulfill on earth is inspiring others to walk in their God- given purpose. What better to do that than to sing the scriptures.  That's why the Psalm and the Songs of Solomon is about...singing the scripture and hearing the story behind every song that is written.

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