CHEERS!  It has been SIX years.... SIX years since I released new music (not counting my Christmas single in 2015). And this one I gave it my all. I'll never forget the day I went to Audrey, my writing consultant and she challenged me to go beyond the surface level in my writing; be vulnerable enough to share my story. I cried...I cried because the scariest thing to for me to be is vulnerable. What if people don't like it? What if people reject it? What will people say if I'm opened about my struggles? What is that one thing that I need to talk about through my music that no one knows about me? 

Through those vulnerable moments, Clap for Me was written. It's the anthem song for the overcomer; a celebration of life. No matter if you are an ex-convict just trying to make a fresh start in life, a single mother/father trying to make ends meet, a spouse/significant trying to get out of an abusive situation, a person trying to overcome an addiction, a student just trying to get through school.... or if you're like me and you're just thankful for a peace of mind; that you didn't decide to quit on life in the darkest moments before you were able to see a little sunshine in your now season, this song is for you! It's time out for awaiting for an applause from others... I'm gonna #CLAPFORME #CHEERS

Intentionally released on October 4th in honor of Mental Illness Awareness Week (Oct 6th - Oct 12th).