edutainer (n)- someone who teaches while entertaining her pupils or audience; a blend of the words ‘educate’ and ‘entertainer’.

Kimberly is a certified teacher, suicide prevention specialist, insurance broker, and financial wellness ambassador from LSS Financial Counseling. As a certified educator for more than 14 years, Kimberly have taught grades 1-2; 4-6, and have been a substitute teacher in grade PK-12 in the public school system.  Her workshops/seminars are always interesting as she mixes music and creative art in a way that only a real edutainer can do. 

To book her for an upcoming seminar/workshop, please complete click on the tab and complete the form.  She would love to be apart of your next event!

For Kids

  • "How Full is Your Bucket"
  •  “Songwriting for Kids”
  • "Imagery/Awaking the 5 Senses"
  • "Haiku Poetry"
  • "Harlem Renaissance Poems (Metaphors/Imagery)"
  • Inspirational Figures Rap Battle 

For Adults

  • Eight Mental Health Challenges of Single Parents
  • Anger/Emotion Management In Children
  • Therapeutic Songwriting for Adults
  • Financial Wellness and Resiliency
  • Budgeting to Create Savings
  • Debt Reduction and Asset Building
  • Building a Good Credit Rating
  • Consumer Protection and Financial Institutions

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