I'm so honored to be a part of this event! The things that Kimberly Gunn is doing to serve the Black community in the area of mental health are so necessary. Through the Love Again Initiative, she's bringing information, resources, and now, artistic and creative outlets to the forefront, all to normalize the need to prioritize mental health and wellness!” - Audrey Aaron
Your song, "Clap for Me" has been a true motivating factor in my life.” - Robert Jordan, founder of Male Dreamers Mentorship Program

— August 2021


I LOVE THIS! Great message...production is on point....and your vocals continue to evolve and grow!”

— Pernell K Kirkland (September 2019)

We all need a hand clap as encouragement. Sometimes that hand clap signifies a push that yes you can do it and yes you can it. Clapping not only for yourself but for others show that you not only support yourself or them but it also means you believe in motivating and pushing others beyond his/her limits. So why not clap for me? Why not clap for you?”

— Harriet Dandridge, Blogger (September 2019)