Let the Rejection Navigate You

Hey Family, 

I recently read this post on social media that said: 

"Singers, Let rejection teach you who your people are. Let it guide you toward your niche. Everybody isn’t a hater just cuz they don’t vibe with you. Some singers are pursuing a bgv or gospel path but have a voice better suited for musical theater.  Some of you should be singing lead in a bluegrass corporate band, doing Motown tours on cruise ships, or heck, singing opera but you find yourself trying to fit in with what you think are the ‘cool kids’ and you’re 

1. Getting clowned 

2. Not making any money 

To this I say: 


This spoke to my soul! Too often we avoid moments of rejection thinking it may confirm our feelings of inadequacy.  To that I say- let the rejection navigate you to your people.  To everything there's a season and to every purpose under the heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1).  There’s a whole world out there that would love to receive/hear the gift you have. Sometimes your character and craft needs to be developed in order to embrace the path God has for you.  Step out of your comfort zone; get out of the box! 

I thank God for my rejections- though not easy, it’s necessary and life changing! Be intentional with your interactions with people. Don’t waste ANYTHING! Embrace the rejection…it’s going to open many doors for you in the future! 


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