Enjoying the Journey

Today is one of those days in my life that is just priceless!!!  It's one of the very few times where I am not rushing off to work, a church service, a workshop, or a KGM event.  Being a school teacher by day and a gospel artist by night sometimes get overwhelming.  Therefore, this Saturday I regroup and prepare myself for the the following week.

This morning I woke up early and decided to workout. I love nature and in my town we have a walk path that extends to the main highway.  I decided to take a walk. So I put on my workout clothes, got my iPod and headsets, and set out on my journey.

You see when I was "younger" I used to be really active. I was what you called a "tomboy". I was the only girl outside with the boys playing football, basketball, and climbing trees while other girls were playing with dolls. So being active was always apart of me.  But the older I became, the less active I became. So anytime I get out to walk is, in my mind, an accomplishment for me:).

Mentally I set markers in my mind.  I consider them to be  "milestones".  For example, passing the country store, milestone. Passing two subdivisions, milestone.  Making it to the town's shopping plaza, milestone.  Making it to the main highway...DESTINATION!!!

Occasionally, when I make it to my destination, I take a minute, catch my breath, watch traffic, etc. Then, turn around and head home.

Well today, there were a few distractions on the way to my destinations. When I set out on my journey, I noticed it was a bit cloudy. That was okay though.  I was determined to make it to the highway.  On the way to the destination I encountered people, men in particular, in their cars and truck drivers, honking, trying to get my attention (women especially take note).  But being happy in the status I am in in life, a happily MARRIED wife, I kept walking, kept praying, and kept singing.  I was determined to get to my destination. Finally, I got to the main highway.  I took a minute to catch my breath, watched traffic, and headed home.  On the way back home, however, it began to drizzle. I was not discouraged.  I encouraged myself and remain focused at the task at hand. I was determined to get home.

It wasn't until I arrived home, that the sun came out.  One of the first songs I recorded on my EP came on on my iPod.  I reflected on my spiritual and musical journey.  Both have been extremely hard and difficult. There were times when I got distracted. There were times when I just wanted to quit! But because of God's word and spirit in me, I am grateful to say I didn't quit because I want to get to my destination.

It's only when you get to the destination that you realized that satisfaction doesn't come in the destination but in the journey. We all have a destination. We all encounter different things on the journey. Some get to the destination quicker than others. It doesn't matter. Because the satisfaction doesn't come in the destination but in the journey (the process). Beloved, whatever marker/milestone you are in your life be it spiritual, physical, educational, musical, etc, always remember to enjoy where you are because your satisfaction comes in journey.  Independent artists, don't get discouraged because you are not where you think you should be or things haven't panned out the way you have anticipated.  If you remain focus, avoid distractions, and don't give up, eventually, you'll get to your destination.  In the meantime, enjoy the journey!!!

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