It Takes a Community

It Takes a Community

It literally takes a COMMUNITY to get through this. We got home last night after spending a four day weekend with my cousins all at my parents house. My parents, baby sister, and nephews, showed us the greatest hospitality, giving up their beds, making sure all eleven people had warm food to eat EVERYDAY (and we ate well), and keeping us comfortable and entertained to keep our minds off the storm. Even though our circumstances were unfavorable, spending time with the family helped the time to go by. 

Arrived home last night to one of our neighbors watching over our house. Before we could get out the car, he was in the driveway. While he decided to stay and ride out the storm, he also watched over our house and gave us updates throughout telling us if any damages were done to our house. Then after the storm passed, he got up some of our debris in our yard and got his blower to blow off our driveway and some of the others. Got into the house with lights and water working...thank you Jesus! 

So this morning we decided to get up and do something different as well. Though we were unable to volunteer in the shelters (yet), or help out others who were affected by Hurricane Matthew, we decided to start within our own neighborhood. We noticed that some of our neighbors had debris in their yard so we decided to rake yards and help out our neighbors in need. When we did it, we noticed some of our other neighbors doing it too. Now most of the debris has been removed and our neighborhood is somewhat back to normal. Kindness goes a long way. If this experience hasn't taught me anything, it has taught me the true meaning of takes a village...praying for those who were immensely affected by the storm.

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