The Timing of God

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens (Ecclesiates 3:1a)
It's the week of pre-planning.  My summer has ended and I am preparing for another school year.  Coming back to work is bittersweet.  For one thing, I didn't expect to enter another year of teaching but the summer was so disappointing that I am ready for a change of pace; structure. 

I had so many expectations for this summer.  So many things that were supposed to get accomplished.   So many things I put forth effort and tried to accomplish on my own but there was no results.  There were many times I cried out to God to express my frustration but I kept hearing Him say, 'in my timing."  This revelation became clear to me one day in Subway. 

I had already ordered my sandwich and decided that I wanted some chocolate chip cookies too (and everybody KNOWS Subway has the BEST chocolate chip cookies).  Unfortunately, there were no cookies.  So the Sandwich Artist baked me some.  As I was waiting on the cookies I decided to pay for order, select my beverage, and I waited.  As I waited, I thought about process of waiting.  There are two things you need in the process of waiting: patience and an expectation for a desired outcome. So as I patiently waited, I thought about the satisfaction of eating hot fresh cookies just the way I like it!

Well, the ten minutes seemed like hours!  I became impatient.  I was almost tempted to tell the Sandwich Artist  to give me the cookies just the way they are.  However, I began thinking about what happens if the cookies come out before it's time.  On the outside they look done, but on the inside it's still raw, mushy, and soft.  Without that time to cool, the cookies start falling apart.  So I waited some more.  When the process of waiting was over I was not disappointed.  The cookies was exactly the way I wanted it!

That's the satisfaction we recieved when we wait on the timing of God.  When we way on God to bless us the way he wants to bless, if we wait with the proper attitude and with a hopeful expectation, God will never disappoint us.  He withholds no good thing from us.  I'm a testament of it.  Let me get back to my story.

So it's the week before the students get back to school, when I recieve a call from the Executive Pastor of Temple of Glory Community Church, Overseer Salter.  She tells me that for our Women's Conference I have the opportunity of opening up for Tamela Mann, one of my favorite gospel artists of all time!!!  Not only will I open up for her, but Savannah's Joy 100, the number one radio station in Savannah, will be hosting the concert and will giving my song," Hold On" a month of radio airplay.  God is so good!  I'm a true testament that when you wait on the timing of God and wait with the proper attitude, God will give you the desires of your heart!  He does it exceedingly, abundantly, above all we can possibly ask or think.  All we have to do is wait on the timing of God!!!

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